BnG provides an integrated and exclusive marketing service extended to property developers designed for the best business execution and outcome.


BnG dedicates numerous of property businesses which are encompassed in Secondary Property Service.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income Fund is a type of investment which has regular intervals of return rates and is reasonably predictable in terms of gain.

Repurchase Agreement

A Repurchase Agreement or REPO is typically used to raise short-term capital and generally considered safe investments with collateral functions.

Equity Funds

An Equity Fund or stock funds is a mutual fund that invests principally in stocks, both active or passive (index fund).

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund is made up of a collection of funds from many investor for the purpose of investing in securities.


BnG provides a range of healthcare risk management because we understand the importance of life safety.

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Serving our clients with the best of protection and investment products.

Endowment Funds

BnG has the skills needed to help prepare for periodical funds and regular withdrawals from the invested capital.

Global economic growth has created complex challenges and unpredictable financial markets. However, the overall South East Asia economics continue to rise with Indonesia as one of its most promising countries for valuable investment. The positive financial atmosphere is backed by the consistent rise in property values and the steady advancement particularly in real estate industry. The thriving progress has opened the gate to many profitable and high-earning possibilities when managed carefully in the right hands of financial expertise.

BnG is one of the few who have invested the confidence in Indonesia’s economics potential since the beginning. In the past years, the rise in spending power combined with increasing awareness in investment, BnG has fostered a financial community with a large network that shares mutual goal of profit making and valuable monetary improvements.

The community of BnG includes :

  • Building network and partnerships with clients and recruits.
  • Providing the best financial and investment products to society.
  • Giving support, training, and education to our clients and recruits.

Together with BnG, the path to success and promise of better tomorrow is with us.


Business Values

Integrity : Prioritizing on giving honest and trusted service with our clients’ assets.
Achievement : Giving results that are committed to quality and accountability.
Critical & Forward : Being advanced and informative with financial trend and current market.
Support : Creating a network of support within BnG Community that benefits the needs of many.

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